Fannin Remodeling Company, Inc.
is a DRUG FREE workplace

Fannin Remodling Company, Inc. believes that it is very important to provide a safe workplace for all its employees. The company is taking steps to address the problem of substance use that negatively affects every workplace, including ours. We can't condone and won't tolerate behaviors on the part of employees that relate to substance use, such as:

a. Use of illegal drugs;
b. Misuse of alcohol;
c. Sale, purchase, transfer, use or possession of any illegal drugs;
d. Arrival or return to work under the influence of any drug (legal or illegal) or alcohol.

Fannin Remodeling Company is fully committed to the Drug - Free Workplace Program, which establishes clear guidelines for acceptable and unacceptable employee's behavior for everyone in the workplace. Behaviors related to substance use can endanger all employees, not just substance users.

The company holds all employees accountable in terms of substance use but also supports getting help for employees. Employees who come forward voluntarily to identify that they have a substance abuse problem will receive company support and assistance. However, if an employee has a substance problem and does not come forward and the employee then tests positive for drug or alcohlol use in violation of our policy, Fannin Remodeling Company, Inc. reserves the right to terminate employment for violation of this work rule. Other consequences that apply to all employees who violate this policy are clearly spelled out within the policy.

A complete copy of the policy is available at our office.